ODK is a balanced clash of 70's ROCK and 80's POP. There is an underlying current of mixed influences of The Doors and Duran Duran, The Smiths and David Bowie, The Cure and U2, T-Rex and Radio Head.

The band worked many years dwelling on their soundtrack synth-pop style, which led them to contribute soundtrack works to such low-key, yet significant films as "Canvas Program 1," an ever-changing paint and media video canvas by New York City artist and filmmaker, Donna Cameron. This collaboration between ODK and Donna Cameron is on permanent exhibition at M.O.M.A., NYC. Also, ODK's first LP release, "MIRANDA", along with additional original scoring, became the backbone soundtrack work for "In the Flesh," an independent "gay-cult flick" by filmmaker, Ben Taylor.

Now, this same band, with the production and guidance of producer, David Cobb, has emerged with a fresh, new, more focused sound. While their music still holds some of the ethereal, haunting qualities of their former style, ODK exhibits a very unique and digestible rock/pop sound.

The Band

• Joseph McCannon - Guitars

• Dale Nacke - Drums

• Brian Nielson - Bass

• Joe Sikes - Vocals

• Wilson Wise - Keyboards